Parma Food



Fuori Menu Sense and The City started with a cooperation with Cibus (Fiere di Parma) to value one of the most important resource of Parma.

The culinary tradition and the artistic patrimony.
As a result of this joint effort our urban sensorial paths came about ; amazing itineraries that involve
senses, art and taste. A Grand Tour “out of time” between history and culinary excellencies that
crown Parma as the Food Valley capital city. After the great success of 2014 Fuori Menù has a network of more than 20 activities and an organization able to greet tourists and go along with them throughout itineraries and activities.

Food Walking or Pic nic?
Pic-week is the new food concept by Fuori Menù.It brings Parma and its excellencies throughout the world of “Food Walking” to meet the new culinary tourist to taste, experiment and share the best gourmet experiences.Pic-week is meant for tourists, enthusiastics and aficionados willing to discover Parma and its personality.

How does it work?

Have your first “Food Walking” in Parma and you will experience a new touristic urban dimenson. A delicious walk “by food” to enjoy the town completely. Follow your itinerary on the map, go to our selected places for a sophisticated street food to tastewhile walking among the artistic beauties of Parma. Collect your Pic-week bag, it will be your treasure chest to keep the precious savours of this elegant land, a souvenir of this unforgettable memento.